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Can You Buy Perfumes Online?

When buying things online, we look at the picture; we decide whether we like it or not. But, when buying a perfume, how to choose? Typically, if we go to a showroom, the perfume smell will be apparent, but in online shopping, we must be purely blind when trying to buy perfume singapore. There are many chances for it to go wrong, and you will wear an odd fragrance. Therefore, you should know what combinations of scents suit you before buying them blindly online.

Scents Added to a Perfume

There are typically three layers of scents, top, middle, and base. Usually, fresh and subtle ingredients are at the top, heady ingredients are the base, and the middle ones balance it out.

Citrus– If you want a refreshing summer fragrance that keeps you energetic throughout the day, citrus must be your choice

Floral– Floral scents are usually considered feminine, hence. Hence, it is widely used in perfumes for women, but mild fragrances like lavender, which, when added to certain combinations, make a great perfume for men too.

Spice– Cinnamon is one of the oldest and most exotic scents. They are simply classic and never go out of fashion.

Musk– the heady fragrance of musk keeps you in a trance. Any scent with musk as a base or undertone is good.

Pine- Woody scents are also commonly used as undertones in scents that remind us of the fragrance of spring.


From the description of the scent and your previous offline experiences with perfumes, buy a scent with your favorite combinations, and consider reviews by customers.